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Each moment is just what it is. It might be the only moment of our life; it might be the
DG Blog Summer Solstice
Blessings Beloveds on this longest day of the year!  Today, at exactly 6:07am EST, the Sun passed over the Tropic
Blessings Beloveds.  Today we come upon the New Moon in Gemini at 3:44pm EST.  Not only is this a Supermoon,
Lately, we've had many lovely people arrive at the DG who are seeking help with how to manage their feelings
Full Moon in Sagittarius at 10:20am EDT Sagittarius is an upbeat sign that thrives on learning and exploration. Tonight’s Full
Arfvedsonite is rather rare, and if you haven’t seen this crystal before, you might mistake it for Nuummite, or even
New Moon Blessings to you all Loves - we are looking forward to seeing you tonight at our New Moon
EARTH DAY WEEKEND 2018 This is the Earth, healed again, growing green and blue.  I want you to remember this exactly
Hello Friends!  For what feels like years now, we have gone back and forth with trying to find the time
DG Blog ~ The Wheel of the Year
The Wheel of the Year I am often asked what someone can do to feel more connected – to themselves,