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The Chrysanthemum Stone, its natural markings as individual as each person, to increase positive synchronicity in one’s life and aid you on your true path.

Chrysanthemum Stone

Comprised of Dolomite, Gypsum-bearing Clay, Limestone, or porphyry with lath-like crystals of Andalusite, Celestite, Feldspar, or Calcite

Hardness: 6

Chakra: All

Found: Japan, China, Canada, and in the Lake Superior region of the United States

Chrysanthemum Stone

Grounding ~ Prosperity

Chrysanthemum Stone, named for the cheerful floral bursts often naturally depicted on these stones, offers energetic support for finding the courage and opportunities to live one’s dreams.  If one doesn’t yet even know one’s dream, sleeping or meditating with this stone can help one receive the inner message that makes clear the nature of one’s neglected purpose.

They are magnets for positive synchronicities, an ally you can call upon for grounding, wealth and good fortune in all things physical. It truly helps one find the strength and inner purpose to discover how to “bloom” themselves. Wearing or carrying one may allow one to go with the flow of life more readily, and help to uncover one’s abilities and key positive traits of who they are. 

Allowing this natural flow of positive energy will also aid the overall wellness of the physical body as well.

The flower burst has the composition of any or all of: Celestite, Calcite, Andalusite, or Feldspar. Knowing this, and knowing some of the traits of those stones, it is know wonder these patterns illicit such a calming, uplifting and inspiring vibration. The base of the stone, often black or dark brown, is comprised of Danburite, Gypsum or Limestone.