Brigid’s Day Cross Weaving

Saturday, February 1st, from 1 – 4:00pm in Poughkeepsie.

No experience is necessary, all are welcome. Exchange for the event is $20 which covers your supplies.

Through poetry, meditation and ritual we will reach out to Brigid for inspiration and insight to guide us through the dark with her bright flame. We will make butter and weave home protection amulets to grace your space. Traditionally her crosses were woven out of reeds ~we will use wheat straw.

Brigid :: Brigit :: Brighid :: Brid :: Bride

Imbolc honors Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of fire and inspiration, renewal, healing, poetry, and smith craft. The term Imbolc means “in milk” or “in the belly,” and in early February the sheep give birth and begin to lactate. It’s a celebration of new beginnings and new life. Deep within the Earth life begins to stir anew – a mystery, a gift. As we cast off the darkness, we hear the Earth’s hidden voices and we listen to our own deep inner voices. What seeds have we been germinating in these dark months? What inspires us in our dark times?

Join us to honor Brigid and the shining light within each of us, a light that is especially bright when we all come together. Being in community during the dark months is truly balm for the soul.

Brigid’s Crosses

The tradition of weaving Brigid’s crosses is one of the most recognized crafts of this time, even by those who do not regularly celebrate Imbolc. Brigid’s crosses, traditionally woven from rushes, serve as a beautifully intentional craft. They symbolize the meeting of the crossroads of light and dark, and signify the Sun or sacred flame. They are often hung or placed on the mantle of the home or above the front doorway as a protective talisman as well.

“Brigit they name me, and three gifts of fire I bring: first, the flame of inspiration, frenzy of poet and anguish of artist, and passion of lover for union with the beloved; second, the fierce fire of smith-craft, through whose testing all must pass; and third, the most precious of all, which eases the second’s pain, the undying warmth of healing, the last and greatest gift of the ever-returning Sun.”

Traditional Wiccan prayer

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Brigid, the trinity of Maiden, Mother, Crone – keeper of the Sacred Flame, protector of hearth & home, and Goddess of creativity, inspiration, poetry, and smith-craft.

Brigid symbolizes the bridge between old & new ways, what was and what will be. As a healer, nurturer, and a goddess of wisdom, this time becomes one to honor Her, paying tribute to our own inspiration & inner knowing – the flame amidst the darkness.

“…You kindle the springtime to quicken the earth, From under your mantle the old has new birth. O Mother of Healing, please teach me your art, That peace and contentment may enter my heart.”


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