Moonifesting with Rhi

Women’s Full Moon Ritual


Moonifesting with Rhi


One Sunday a month from 7:00 – 8:00pm – Exchange is on a sliding scale: $0 – $20
Online via Zoom ~ You *must* register in advance for login information

We do not want to exclude women from joining our community. If payment is an issue please reach out and we can discuss options for your exchange; there are many and Rhianna is willing to be creative.

The Full Moon Circle

Rhianna has hosted a monthly Full Moon Ritual since 1995. Over these many years, the Full Moon Ritual has continued to provide a safe haven for women to experience the sacredness of community and to explore their spiritually.

Our Circle is a Sacred Sisterhood

We come together to draw upon the powerful, rich energies of community. We are non-denominational, with a foundation rooted in honoring the Mother Earth, and the light of the Goddess within each of us. We experience the support of the group’s loving energies in a healing, empowering, and insightful manner. We open our hearts each month to renew our connection to our Divine Source or as the case may be – to create that connection.

Together we create sacred space and share in ritual and meditation.

We honor our growth and all the wonderful, hard lessons that have brought us here to this moment. We celebrate the magic of sisterhood and all the ways it lifts us up. The loving support we receive from each other in this safe space encourages each of us to stand in our Divine light and live our highest potential.

Our circle is a space you grow with and into should you decide to sit with us awhile.

The Power of the Full Moon

The Moon holds a fascination for many. She illuminates our night sky, our tides ebb & flow due to her pull, women’s cycles average the same as that of the moon – and many individuals find some kind of connection to her, be it physical, spiritual, or emotional, resulting in a vast array of poems & lore written about her beauty, mystery, and power.

The Full Moon is the most powerful phase of the moon, and is the perfect time for celebration, completion of goals, or commitment to a person, a project or idea. In its Fullness, many imbue her power to strengthen spells, to clear & charge crystals, water or sacred objects; It is the perfect time to acknowledge what has been accomplished during that month prior, and give thanks & honor any significant moments at that time of the year.

Full Moon Lore

As we know now that the Moon is connected to and controls the ocean tides, it was also once believed that She controlled all waters, including the rains. As a result, prayers and celebrations to the Moon were common, especially at times of planting, harvest, and during periods of drought.

Stories about the creation of the Moon, her phases, her personification as a Goddess and stories about her awesomeness are abundant in Native American legends. In Blackfoot folklore, the moon was the goddess, Komorkis. She was married to the sun god, Natosi, and she was mother to all the stars. For the Cahuilla tribe, the moon was a goddess named Menily, who in their myths taught their people the arts of civilization. 


Full Moon 2020 Astrology

Wolf Moon
January 10th in Cancer
Snow Moon
February 9th in Leo
Worm Moon
March 9th in Virgo
Pink Moon
April 7th in Libra
Flower Moon
May 7th in Scorpio
Strawberry Moon
June 5th in Sagittarius
Buck Moon
July 5th in Capricorn
Sturgeon Moon
August 3rd in Aquarius
Corn Moon
September 2nd in Pisces
Harvest Moon
October 1st in Aries
Blue Moon
October 31st in Taurus
Beaver Moon
November 30th in Gemini
Cold Moon
December 29th in Cancer







 festing with Rhi



Rhianna Mirabello’s life’s work is facilitating and organizing spiritual community.  She is in service to the divine feminine and works closely with the women in her tribe to heal, empower, and spread love.

She is an ordained nondenominational minister who has coordinated spiritual gathering and created rituals around the world since 1990.  Her first shamanic teacher was Celtic Shaman Tom Cowan.  Rhianna has continued to study with Tom, and completed his two year training program in 2006.  Incorporating teachings from many indigenous cultures, Rhianna is a Mesa carrier in the Q’ero tradition as taught by Alberto Villoldo’s Light Body School and has completed the Medicine Wheel Training through the Four Winds.

She has had the privilege of working with many other gifted healers and teachers which have assisted her in creating a rich and diverse spiritual practice.  Some of those teachers and guides include Alberto Villoldo, Ted Andrews, Rick Jarow, Beautiful Painted Arrow – Joseph Rael, Grandmother Waynonaha Two Worlds, Rainbow Weaver,  and Bern Richards.

Rhianna became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1997, and is also a Karuna Reiki practitioner.  Rhianna is trained in the powerful arts of herbalism, candle magic, crystal and energy healing, chakra healing, aromatherapy, divination, manifestation and the laws of attraction, and is knowledgeable in a wide range of magical and spiritual traditions.

“As each of us dives courageously into the depths of our own being, into our own truths, exploring who we are in relationship to the Planet and to the rest of its inhabitants… the healing of the world begins – one person at a time, creating a ripple of love that affects the whole.”