Red Tent Gathering

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Red Tent Gathering

facilitated by Cheryl Sprague

At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Poughkeepsie from 7:30 – 9:30pm 

I call to my Sisters

It is time to Gather

It is time to Open our Hearts

It is time to Speak our Truth

It is time to Sing our Hearts Song

It is time to Hold Each other Up

It is Time

We are Women ~ keepers of Great Mysteries

Creating Sisterhood

Join us in a journey of creating magical, safe, loving, supportive encouraging space for Women to gather. A place to honor the divinity within each of us while honoring the divinity within each Woman we see. A place that we speak of our fears, wipe each other’s tears, laugh with each other, celebrate our joy and love. A place where we provide strength, wisdom and compassion. A Sisterhood of empowerment.

Mission of this Red Tent

This Red Tent gathering is inspired by the movement of honoring and cultivating a strong, supportive women’s culture. While not officially/directly part of the Red Tent Movement, we hope to embody & inform others about what these gatherings represent and can do for our society. Red Tent Gatherings are created to celebrate and honor Women and Womanhood, in a supportive, caring, open & non-judgmental environment. The goal of Red Tent is to celebrate the incredible differences of one another and to cultivate a society that empowers women, and create a woman-honoring culture. At a Red Tent, women come together to share their stories – struggles, joys, wisdom, choices we’ve made and their impacts on our lives, hopes & dreams – sharing our experiences to feel release and supported in our journey.   The resurgence of Red Tents came from the release of The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, a novel written in 1977 from the perspective of Dinah, originally a minor character in the Bible who was the daughter of Jacob, a leader of his tribe. Women and girls belonging to this tribe were required to take refuge in the Red Tent during their menstruation and while giving birth. What was created as almost an exile for these women, quickly became a place of support, comfort & empowerment within the heavily patriarchal society.  Coming to Red Tent, we allow ourselves to express & honor our true, raw, individual selves, and by doing so empower us to stand strong together.

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Due to such a beautiful outpouring of Goddesses at the first two gatherings, Red Tent will now be held at the
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Poughkeepsie, located just a short 5 minute drive from the shop.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
67 S Randolph Ave
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601