Sacred Living Series

8 Thursdays from 6:30 – 9:00pm at 57 Park Ave, Poughkeepsie NY 12603

*Please note, for those who have allergies, our class space is shared with cats.*

Drawing from many spiritual traditions, the Sacred Living Series will be an eclectic look at creating sacredness in your life.  We’ll explore ways to connect to and live more harmoniously with the Earth’s rhythms, cycles, and energy flow.  Sacred Living is the perfect class for those who are beginning their spiritual journey, for those looking for a basic how-to, hands-on class, and for those who want to expand and deepen their spiritual life.

Most evenings will be a mixture of lecture and experiential work.

A manual will be provided with the series.

Class 1 & 2 ~ Sacred Space

Learn how to use herbs, waters, salts, stones, essential oils and sound vibration to craft a peaceful, calming space.   Smudging, cleansing, and clearing your own energy field and your surroundings, utilizing methods from various traditions will be taught.  You will learn how to protect yourself and your environment from unwanted energies and negativity. Once our space is cleared we’ll talk about stones, herbs and more, which will encourage and allow for deeper mediation and alignment with spirit. 

Class 3 ~ Oils and Herbs

Learn the basics of aromatherapy, blending of oils, and how to incorporate stones and herbs into your creations to enhance and support your rituals, meditations, celebrations, and all your sacred workings.  You’ll create an oil blend and an herbal incense to amplify the manifesting energies available to you during the New Moon.

Class 4 ~ Magical Times

Connect with the rhythm and seasonal cycles of the Earth. We’ll discuss the pagan Wheel of the Year, honoring the auspicious annual solar holidays and their mid-points.  We’ll look at creating modern day rituals honoring the seasons, and also how to use the lunar phases to enhance your life and magical workings. 

Classes 5-8 ~ Elemental and Ritual Basics

Through discussion, visualization and ritual you’ll be connecting to and experiencing the energies of the four cardinal directions, the four elements, and the center – the place of sovereignty and spirit. We’ll discuss ways in which these energies can be honored and welcomed.  You’ll learn ways to put together your own altars and we’ll go over a basic outline for creating your own personal rituals.

“The purpose of ritual is to wake up the old mind, to put it to work. The old ones inside us, the collective unconscious, the many lives, the different eternal parts, the senses and the parts of the brain that have been ignored. Those parts do not speak English. They do not care about television. But they understand candlelight and colors. They do understand nature.”

Z. Budapest, in Drawing Down the Moon

Rhianna Mirabello’s life’s work is facilitating and organizing spiritual community.  She is in service to the divine feminine and works closely with the women in her tribe to heal, empower, and spread love.

She is an ordained nondenominational minister who has coordinated spiritual gathering and created rituals around the world since 1990.  Her first shamanic teacher was Celtic Shaman Tom Cowan.  Rhianna has continued to study with Tom, and completed his two year training program in 2006.  Incorporating teachings from many indigenous cultures, Rhianna is a Mesa carrier in the Q’ero tradition as taught by Alberto Villoldo’s Light Body School and has completed the Medicine Wheel Training through the Four Winds.

She has had the privilege of working with many other gifted healers and teachers which have assisted her in creating a rich and diverse spiritual practice.  Some of those teachers and guides include Alberto Villoldo, Ted Andrews, Rick Jarow, Beautiful Painted Arrow – Joseph Rael, Grandmother Waynonaha Two Worlds, Rainbow Weaver,  and Bern Richards.

Rhianna became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1997, and is also a Karuna Reiki practitioner.  Rhianna is trained in the powerful arts of herbalism, candle magic, crystal and energy healing, chakra healing, aromatherapy, divination, manifestation and the laws of attraction, and is knowledgeable in a wide range of magical and spiritual traditions.

“As each of us dives courageously into the depths of our own being, into our own truths, exploring who we are in relationship to the Planet and to the rest of its inhabitants… the healing of the world begins – one person at a time, creating a ripple of love that affects the whole.” 

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