Shamanic Journeying with Dave Beck

***Currently on pause due to COVID-19***


The 2nd Friday of the Month from 7:00pm – 9:00pm at 57 Park Ave, Poughkeepsie NY 12603.

*Please note, for those who have allergies, our class space is shared with cats.*

Exchange: $20


Shamanic Journeying is an ancient technique used to deepen one’s spiritual connection. Through rhythmic drumming, David will help us to transcend our normal conscious state and journey to meet the many helping spirits that are always surrounding us. Join us once a month to practice & delve into a deeper understanding of Shamanic Journeying with the support & guidance of David Beck.

You Will Need

You do not need to have any previous experience in Shamanism or journeying to enjoy & benefit from this circle, as this gathering will be supportive to newcomers and seasoned journeyers alike.

Participants should bring a blanket or mat to lay on, a bandana or blindfold, and a notebook to record their journeys.

Newcomers are always warmly welcomed and encouraged.

A Note From David

“In our modern world, there seems to be so much conflict between people regarding spiritual beliefs. I believe that the technique of journeying holds one key to this problem. I have journeyed with people from many different backgrounds and although we “see” different things, we share a common bond. If the concept of journeying was used as a way for all faiths to deepen their spiritual connections, it would open an area of shared experience that each could understand. This would allow them to meet in a place of equality and possible even open their perspective. I hope that our world can come together and if journeying can be a bridge, I say we start building it today.”

David Beck

Once a year, David also facilitates a ceremonial drum-making workshop. This usually happens in the Summer or early Fall – be sure to follow our Facebook events or subscribe to our DG Newsletter below to learn when this magical and meaningful event will take place.

David Beck

David Beck has been practicing and teaching shamanism for over 15 years. He is a naturalist in New York’s Hudson Valley. In this capacity he teaches local Native American culture, wilderness survival, orienteering & tracking. He has spent the last 20 years bringing these skills to children and adults. His passion is helping people of all ages reconnect with nature and find their way back to wilderness. He also sang with and has written songs for the Nimham Mountain Singers, a Unity Drum that performs Native American music.

Upcoming Dates for Shamanic Journey Circle

~ March 13th – CANCELLED

~ April 10th – CANCELLED

~ May 8th

~ June 12th

~ July 10th

~ August 14th

~ September 11th

~ October 9th

~ November – TBD

~ December 11th