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Women’s Full Moon Gathering

One Sunday a Month *promptly* at 7:00pm

Newcomers are always warmly welcomed & encouraged.  

Join us in the DG Sanctuary. Fee for the evening is $10.

Upcoming Gathering Dates

  • December 3

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The Full Moon Circle

The Full Moon Circle began in 1995 at Rhianna’s first shop Call of the Wild in Beacon, NY. In 1998, the shop, renamed the Dreaming Goddess, relocated to Poughkeepsie, NY and with it our circle. Over these many years, the Women’s Full Moon Circle has continued to provide a safe haven for women to experience the sacredness of community and to explore their spiritually.

Our Circle is a gathering of women, coming together to draw upon the powerful, rich energies of the full moon. We are a non-denominational group, with our foundation rooted in honoring the Mother Earth and the light of the Goddess within each of us. Together we create sacred space, share ritual and journey in meditation. We experience the support of the groups loving energies in a healing, empowering and insightful manner. We chant, we dance, we laugh and we cry. We open our hearts each month to renew our connection to our Divine Source or as the case may be – to create that connection.

The Power of the Full Moon

The Moon holds a fascination for many. She illuminates our night sky, our tides ebb & flow due to her pull, women’s cycles average the same as that of the moon – and many individuals find some kind of connection to her, be it physical, spiritual, or emotional, resulting in a vast array of poems & lore written about her beauty, mystery, and power. 

The Full Moon is the most powerful phase of the moon, and is the perfect time for celebration, completion of goals, or commitment to a person, a project or idea. In its Fullness, many imbue her power to strengthen spells, to clear & charge crystals, water or sacred objects; It is the perfect time to acknowledge what has been accomplished during that month prior, and give thanks & honor any significant moments at that time of the year.

Full Moon Lore

As we know now that the Moon is connected to and controls the ocean tides, it was also once believed that She controlled all waters, including the rains. As a result, prayers and celebrations to the Moon were common, especially at times of planting, harvest, and during periods of drought. 

Stories about the creation of the Moon, her phases, her personification as a Goddess and stories about her awesomeness are abundant in Native American legends. In Blackfoot folklore, the moon was the goddess, Komorkis. She was married to the sun god, Natosi, and she was mother to all the stars. For the Cahuilla tribe, the moon was a goddess named Menily, who in their myths taught their people the arts of civilization. 

Full Moon Names & Their Meanings

January – Full Wolf Moon

February – Full Snow Moon

March – Full Worm Moon

April – Full Pink Moon

May – Full Flower Moon

June – Full Strawberry Moon

July – Full Buck Moon

August – Full Sturgeon Moon

September – Full Harvest Moon

October – Full Hunter’s Moon

November – Full Beaver Moon

December – Full Cold Moon