Crystal Resource Library: Cinnabar

Planet: Mercury
Chakra: Root, Sexual/Creative, Third Eye
: Fire

Geological Information
Cinnabar is a mercury sulfide and is aligned with the god Mercury and should be used with caution when handling. It is formed around volcanoes, hot springs and sometimes in sedimentary rocks associated with recent volcanic activity. Cinnabar was used during the Upper Palaeolithic period as pigment for ceramics, murals, tattoos and religious ceremonies. To create the vibrant orange pigment, cinnabar would be ground into a fine powder and mixed with various liquids to create vermillion. It was also used in China around 4000 BC to cover the walls anf floors in buildings where rituals were held and was also sometimes sprinkled into elite burials.

Cinnabar was also used as a cosmetic in India, women used the vermillion pigment as the traditional bindi and along the parting of their hair when they were married.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties
This power stone was also used in medicines such as ointments, laxatives, antiseptics and many traditional medicines but has largely been replaced by much safer remedies.

Cinnabar stimulates the third eye chakra making for greater insight and psychic abilities. This makes Cinnabar an ideal stone for creative individuals as well as business owners. Cinnabar can be used to actualize dreams and create prosperity. Use to aid one in manifesting mental agility. Great stone for grounding one’s energy. Cinnabar can assist one in releasing buried resentment, anger and fear. Helps to stimulate the immune system and purify the blood. Cinnabar is often used in alchemy and magic to affect the transformation of energy. Encourages the flow of chi throughout the body.

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