Rocks with Rhi

Rocks with Rhi ~ A Weekly Gathering of Stone Minds

Every Tuesday at 1:00pm ~ LIVE on Facebook

Each week we explore a different stone from our vast collection. You’ll learn about their healing qualities, some history and folklore, and ways to incorporate them into your daily life.

Please tune in on Facebook with your tea mug or favorite libation – since we are now meeting online, you are guaranteed a seat!

What might you learn at Rocks with Rhi ?

How to clear & charge your crystals

Metaphysical & geological information

History and folklore of the stones

Methods of meditating

How to create stone elixirs

How to use stones in Chakra or energy work

How to create an energy grid for prosperity, healing, and more…

Labradorite ~ November 17, 2020
Bumblebee Jasper ~ October 13, 2020
Mystery Unboxing ~ October 27, 2020