Offering You Light and Love

Rhianna Mirabello is a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic practitioner, Mesa carrier in the Q’ero tradition as taught by Alberto Villoldo’s Light Body School. Her life’s work is facilitating and organizing spiritual community. Rhianna is in service to the divine feminine and works closely with the women in her tribe to heal, be empowered, and spread love.

Rhianna is a non-denominational minister. She has coordinated spiritual gatherings and created rituals around the world for over 20 years.

Rhianna has had the opportunity to study extensively with a diverse group of international scholars with varied cultural and religious backgrounds. This has provided her with the knowledge and experience to create personal and meaningful ceremonies, reflecting your individual beliefs and traditions.

It is her honor to support your journey with a ceremony that has been created just for you.

For more information regarding the various rituals and ceremonies that are offered and the fees involved, please contact Rhianna via email or by phone at 845-473-2206.


Handfastings, Commitment and Wedding Ceremonies

Your decision to proclaim your love and commitment to each other through a handfasting, a commitment or wedding ceremony is a magical occasion. It is Rhianna’s desire to co-create with you both. Read more.

Moontime Ceremonies, a Young Woman’s Coming of Age

Entering womanhood is a sacred moment; the coming of a young woman’s menses is a precious moment, a rite of passage to be rejoiced, signifying the magic of new life, both for her and for those she may create.

Mother Blessing

Also known as a Blessing Way (the original Navajo term), is a spirit filled gathering for the expecting mother held near the time of birthing.  It’s a memorable coming together of women to celebrate her transitioning into motherhood.  It’s a ritual of empowerment; of honoring and pampering the mother-to-be. Read More.

Queening Ceremony

A celebration of the first fifty years or so of a woman’s life – honoring of the gifts, accomplishments and knowledge that she has gained as a result of her life experiences. It is a coming together of her friends, an intimate group of sisters, who can reflect back to her all the love that she has shared with them. Read more.

Baby Blessing

Welcome your baby into the world and into the community with a Baby Blessing and Ritual.  These ceremonies are often an alternative to a traditional christening or baptism.   Each ceremony is unique and meaningful, reflecting the spiritual beliefs, traditions and values of the parents. A Baby Blessing is a lovely way to invite friends and family members to participate in a memorable ceremony in which your child is honored and welcomed into your lives.

Space Clearing

You may be moving into a new home or selling a home and feel that you would like to make way for new energies to emerge by clearing out and moving stuck or stagnant energies.  Your office, home or business may be in need of an energy shifting or clearing.  Through the use of sacred herbs, sound and vibrational attunements, reiki and other healing modalities, we are able to support you in clearing and balancing your space and environment for healthier, happier living.

Other services include Memorials, Funerals and Letting Go Ceremonies, Renaming Ceremonies, Motorcycle Club Bike Blessings, Divorce and Separation Ceremonies