Handfastings, Commitment and Wedding Ceremonies

Your decision to proclaim your love and commitment to each other through a handfasting, a commitment or a wedding ceremony is a magical occasion. It is Rhianna’s desire to co-create with you both, a ceremony which expresses your lifestyle, traditions and spiritual beliefs. One that is rich with meaningful rituals and symbols. Everything is possible and nothing is essential or prescribed. Each ceremony is personalized for you; no two ceremonies are the same.

Your ceremony will be most memorable if it is personal, reflecting who you are as individuals and as a couple. You will be able to review many sample ceremonies and rituals for ideas and suggestions. Together with your input, Rhianna will smoothly craft together the ceremony that’s just what you want.

A free consultation can be arranged in a relaxed setting to share what your desires are for your auspicious day. Contact Rhianna via email at Rhianna@DreamingGoddess.com or by phone 845-473-2206.