Mother Blessing

Also known as a Blessing Way (the original Navajo term), a Mother Blessing is a spirit filled gathering for the expecting mother held near the time of birthing.

It’s a memorable coming together of women to celebrate her transitioning into motherhood. It’s a ritual of empowerment; of honoring and pampering the mother-to-be.

A Mother Blessing is a wonderful alternative to the traditional baby shower. Unlike a baby shower, the focus is on the mother and there is no commercial gift giving emphasis. The guests are invited to spend time nurturing the mother-to-be through heart felt sharing, foot bathing, hair brushing, and other rituals.

This type of ceremony is a wonderful way to show support to the pregnant mother and is sure to be a treasured part of her pregnancy for many years after the event. She will look back on this event with fond memories and love.

Each ceremony is unique and is tailored to reflect your needs and wishes for a meaningful rite of passage. To set up an appointment to discuss your personalized, pampering ceremony contact Rhianna via email or by phone 845-473-2206.

Here are some rituals commonly used during a Mother Blessing

Belly Casting ~ This is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy. These are fairly simple to do and create a great keepsake.

Belly Painting ~ Painting the mother’s belly is a fun activity. You can use any non-toxic (preferably natural) body paints. The mother may have a design she would like, something of special significance.

Henna ~ Participants can help apply henna to the mother and/or everyone can get henna done! The mom may choose to have her belly decorated with henna and her arms or legs as well. The henna should last until the mom gives birth.

Candle Lighting ~ Have each guest bring a candle. Set them up on a single table or all around the room. You may have each guest light their candle and say a blessing for the mother-to-be or something positive to help her confidence. Another way to incorporate candles into the ceremony is to send each guest home with a small candle. When the mother goes into labor, a phone tree is started and all the candle holders are notified to light their candles and think good thoughts as their sister labors and to light the baby’s way.

Birthing Beads ~ Each woman brings a special bead. Beads can also be sent to you by the women that couldn’t join the ceremony. The bead is chosen with the mother-to-be in mind. They are strung and presented to her to be worn and held during labor. It’s a powerful talisman to remind the mother of the love and support that surrounds her.

Prayers, Poems, and Blessings ~ A traditional way to bless someone is to say a prayer, to write and/or read a poem, or to find a special blessing for them. Each participant can bring something they’ve found or written to bless the mother. You can compile the prayers/poems/blessings into a small, beautiful journal or notebook as a keepsake for the mother.

Binding of the Wrists – Thread or ribbon is bound around each woman’s during the ritual; symbolic of the thread that connects us all as women. It also keeps each women tuned into the birthing mother as she leads up to her time. When she goes into labour, all women in her circle are contacted through the phone tree and each woman breaks the thread and sends a blessing for an easy birth.

Feet Washing ~ Washing the mother’s feet in warm water, gently scented by rose essential oil and flower petals, is a lovely way for her to relax and nurtured.

Transformational Hair Brushing ~ The hairstyle of the Mother to Be is changed to symbolize the change in her mind from carefree maiden to responsible mother. If the hair is tied up, bring it down. If it is down, braid it, twist it or tie it up. Traditionally, it is the mother of the pregnant woman who combs her hair. This is often the most moving part of the ceremony, to have the future grandmother brushing her daughter’s hair, as she did thousand times before. Here the transmission occurs between the generations.

Flowers ~ Flowers are symbolic of nature’s abundance and beauty just as a woman is when she is in her full pregnant bloom. Each woman invited brings a flower chosen with intention and a beautiful altar created with them.

“Thank You so much for hosting such a beautiful ceremony. It was truly AMAZING! It was SO MUCH more than I had ever expected or could have hoped for. I am so thankful to you and all the work, effort and spirit you put into it. I am still soaking it in and absorbing all that transpired. It was such a powerful and miraculous evening. I will remember it always and forever be grateful for such love,strength, courage and empowerment and many more blessings that I received.”

Love, Light and Gratitude, Andrea