Queening Ceremonies

Today it seems that there are not just three phases of a women’s life as portrayed in the archetypes maiden, mother, crone. The average life expectancy of a woman is 80 years, much longer than our female ancestors. At the age of fifty, though a woman’s menses may have ended, she is surely not a crone yet. Nor are most women in the throes of their mothering phase either. Where does that leave them? At fifty, I believe that a woman steps into her High Priestess Phase or Queening Phase. She is wise, brilliant and beautiful. She is intuitive and powerful. Her body is healthy – a few more aches and pains, yes, but still fit and capable. She has at the least 15 – 20 more years till she begins to slows down and settles into the Wise Crone.

A Queening ceremony is a celebration of all you have become as you reach this milestone. It is the honoring of the gifts, accomplishments and knowledge that you have gained as a result of your fifty years of life experience. It’s a time to share with an intimate group of sisters, who can reflect back to you all the love that you have shared with them along the way and for them to have the opportunity to love you up.

You deserve to honor yourself and claim this rite of passage. Contact Rhianna to begin creating a ceremony which reflects the amazing woman you are. Contact via email or via phone at 845-473-2206.