Treasures of the Magpie

The curiosity of the Magpie is renowned ~ and like these feisty feathered friends, we too love to collect and examine all sorts of items and treasures.  In fact, we carry such a variety at our physical Dreaming Goddess location that it would be impossible for us to maintain all of those thousands of goodies for the website. 

So, in the interest of curiosity, on this page you will find an assortment of treasures ~ those that we have available in a limited quantity, of a different variation that what is currently available on our website, or which may never be seen again.

Occasionally,  items will show up here because they simply do not “fit in” neatly to our other categories. We wouldn’t want to leave them out on that premise alone, now would we?

If you are seeking a quantity above what is currently listed as available on the site, or for any item that is not currently listed, please call the Shop to inquire, or reach out to us at

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