Amber and Feather Pendant


Amber and Feather Pendant measures approximately 2.75 x 1.25 x .25″ ~ chain not included

Dreaming Goddess offers many shapes and varieties of Amber, including Sterling Silver Jewelry. Please call the Shop at 845-473-2206 or email us at to inquire.

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Prosperity ~ Solar ~ Healing

Amber is often misconstrued as fossilized tree sap, when actually, it is fossilized tree resin.  Resin is an organic substance secreted from trees through cells of the plant. It does this often in response to injury or harm to the tree. The tree uses the resin to seal its injury and repair itself, and resin inhibits natural protective, healing properties. The intrinsic nature of this incredible substance to heal, repair, regenerate, is built into its very structure. Resin carries this incredible healing intention to repair that which was broken, to shield against harm, and protect against infection, giving the tree a chance to put right what once went wrong as it restores itself from the inside out.

Amber has a soft, sweet, steadfast energy to it – unyielding to the energies of outside forces and embodying the natural origin of resin. It warms the inner being, providing a positive, soothing solar energy. Often considered the Stone of Liquid Sunshine, it carries a powerful life force energy which aids in recovery from illness/injury, calms nerves, enlivens one’s disposition, and purifies one’s energies.

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Many believe finding a feather to be a message from the spirit realm, as feathers have long been connected with signs from our loved ones, angels, and guides. Aspects such as the color of the feather or perhaps the type of bird it came from can give deeper meaning into what your message may be. In many cultures, feathers are symbols for freedom, truth, ascension and spiritual evolution. Feathers are also connected with the elements of air, and communication with spirit.

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Weight 0.7 oz
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