Blue Quartz Crystal

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Blue Quartz Crystal


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A Blue Quartz crystal, perfect for meditation to increase your intuitive awareness & express this divine knowing.

Approx dimensions: 4″ x 2.825″ x 2.5″

Be sure to scroll down for more information on the unique aspects of this stone.

1 in stock

Product Description

Blue Quartz Crystal

Blue Quartz is a soothing & calming stone. It occurs when quartz has an abundance of Blue Tourmaline inclusions. Quartz by itself is very clearing and is programmable for specific intentions. Quartz also amplifies energies that is around, so it naturally enhances the Blue Tourmaline growing with this specimen.

Blue Tourmaline connects the Throat & Third Eye chakra. It helps the free flow of thought and communication. It connects with the wisdom from your highest intuition. It is known to aid meditation, expand one’s consciousness; it is said to help develop one’s psychic gifts & abilities. It brings great clarity and insight to psychic vision & intuition.

Blue tourmaline is not only useful in psychic ability. It also aids the ability in gracefully finding the right words, to express deeper insight & feelings. A stone of communication and psychic intuition, it can help hear & interpret messages from your guides. It helps you process these various messages, and allow them to flow through you through verbal communication.

Keeping Blue Tourmaline by your bedside or under your pillow may encourage insightful or lucid dreaming. You may find you are able to decipher and better express the messages from your dreams as well.

Growing with Quartz, this makes Blue Quartz an even more potent companion for meditative, journey or dream work.

Blue Quartz connects with the element of water, and you can feel the calm fluidity of this energy when you hold this stone. A wonderful tool for sparking transformation in your life.

Working with such an intuitive and high vibrancy crystal, you may do well holding a piece of Black Tourmaline as well. Black Tourmaline is very grounding, and also a wonderful protection stone. It may help bridge the energies, allowing you to bring down messages and impart them in your life with greater ease. It is also helpful in being protective during times of deep meditative journey or dream work.


Additional Information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 4 x 2.825 x 2.5 in


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