Brigid’s Heart Pewter Charms


Size: 1″ diameter.

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Beautiful keepsakes inspired by Brigid, ancient Goddess of the Emerald Isle. Perfect to carry in a pocket or give as a thoughtful gift. Each holds an inspiring message to reconnect you with the strength and wisdom within your own heart. Let us pick out just the right message for you, based on intuitive selection and availability.

The twelve inscriptions:
•Remember – you are blessed
•Remember – strength is within
•Remember – you are brave
•Remember – make your own path
•Remember – you are radiant
•Remember to find joy
•Remember to live each moment
•Remember to let in love
•Remember to love life
•Remember to find your voice
•Remember to be courageous
•Remember – abundance is all around

Charm is pewter. Handcrafted in the USA

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