Camphor, used for purifying & cleansing energies from your environment.

Includes 4 tablets per pack.

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The flame of Camphor, Lord Shiva’s flame of consciousness.

A transparent, waxy material with a pungent aroma, Camphor has been used for centuries to clear the negative energy and emotions in sacred spaces. It is used for purifying the environment and also killing bacteria & harmful microbes. According to the ancient Indian traditional systems of healing, inhaling that air then has numerous medicinal benefits. Considered one of the seven most sacred substances to Buddha, it is said to bring enlightenment when meditating in its presence.

Associated with the moon, camphor makes a wonderful offering during Full Moon ritual or when you wish to draw in that energy. It is considered one of the most sacred objects to offer to the Moon Goddess.

Burn to clear negative energies, thoughts, and the evil eye from yourself or loved ones. Ideally suited for ritual cleansing prior to moving into a new home or setting up your altar. It can also be used to cleanse your ritual or magickal tools. Do this by burning the camphor and passing your sacred objects through the smoke. In voodoo rituals, it is burned for love & attraction. Camphor also has divinatory properties when burned upon charcoal with one’s meditations in a quest for prophetic dreams. Camphor may be added to water used for scrying.

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