DG Copal Incense with Quartz Points


Four (4) sticks of White Mayan Copal incense, tied with three quartz points for their clearing energies. Burn to purify and cleanse your space, and for its calming properties.

Copal Incense with Quartz Points measure approximately 10″

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Copal Oro

Latin Name: Shorea Javanica

Copal is North America’s equivalent of Frankincense. It is native to Mexico and Central America, and has been used as incense in religious and magical ceremonies for untold hundreds of years, beginning, perhaps, with the Mayans or even prior to the days of that fabled people.

Burn for protection, cleansing, purification, to promote spirituality; offered to the souls of the deceased during “Day of the Dead” celebrations.

Clear Quartz

Unlike most other stones, which carry certain relatively fixed properties, Clear Quartz can be programmed with one’s focused intention to assist one in achieving virtually any goal in inner or outer life. Called the stone of Light, Clear Quartz brings heightened spiritual awareness to whoever wears, carries, or meditates with it. Clear Quartz can amplify the energy of any other stone. It brings clarity of thought and purpose to one’s mind and heart, and can assist one in overcoming confusion.

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Weight 0.65 oz
Dimensions 10 × .75 × .75 in


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