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Opal ~ Dendritic

Opal ~ Dendritic


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Grounding ~ Growth

Average Size: 1″ x .75″ x .50″

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Also called Moss Opal, Dendritic Opal is a milky white to brownish common opal with dark-green moss, tree or fern-like inclusions (dendrites) of various silicates, hornblende or manganese oxides. Promotes growth, both physically and spiritually, and can provide help when needed in entering relationships and group dynamics, allowing one to remain open and approachable in spite of bad experiences. Dendritic Opals serve to heal wounds from the past, or past lives, and bring the ability to approach others without prejudice.

Provides a connection to the Earth and to nature spirits; Supports healthy group dynamics and the ability to approach others without prejudice; Aids in achieving personal goals and abundance.

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