DG Care Package


This DG Care Package is offered to you at no cost. No taxes, no fees, no shipping, no catch.  Just love.

Each package includes a small bag of loose White Sage, a hand selected piece of tumbled Rose Quartz, and a small feather from my personal collection.



DG Care Packages

As a component of the DG Stewardship Program, I am offering this DG Care Package at no cost, as a way to show support for those affected by COVID-19.

Community is always at the heart of Dreaming Goddess, and it is what keeps me moving forward through challenging times.  Our Dreaming Goddess Community keeps us alive, and I want you to remember, as we navigate the current difficulties, how much I care for you in return.  If you are out of work, struggling to pay your bills, if your health has been adversely affected – if you cannot afford to purchase a bundle of sage right now, I’ve got you.  Please accept this offering, from my heart to yours, to cleanse away all that feels hard.  May it bring you a sense of peace, purification, and most importantly, love.

Each package is gathered and packaged by me, and includes my heartfelt intentions that you be safe and well during this challenging moment on our collective journey.

Our DG Stewardship Program is all about community – and it is because of you, our local community, that we are able to ‘pay it forward’ to the wider communities of the world. In this moment, I am ‘paying it forward’ to you.

~ Rhianna


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