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Full Moon Ritual Box

In this box you will find everything you need to support you in creating a Full Moon ritual. Perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this box is wonderful for use during travel, or as a thoughtful gift. Along with everything you need to create a sacred Full Moon altar space, you will also be provided with a link to access a guided meditation and ritual recorded by Rhianna, to aid you on your path.

Included in your Full Moon Ritual Box you will find:

  • Sage, a Ceramic Dish & Feather ~ for clearing and purifying the energy in your space and auric field.
  • Selenite Sphere and Stand ~ a gorgeous representation of Lady Luna in crystalline form.
  • Purifying Salts ~ for Ritual Bath and to cleanse your altar tools and crystals
  • Ceremonial Offering Blend ~ to use as your gift to the Earth, to the Ancestors, and to your Guardian Spirits for all of the blessings you receive.
  • Muslin Bag with Elemental Items ~ Air (Feather), Fire (Dragon), Water (Shell & Holy Water), Earth (Garnet).
  • Silver, Gold & White Candles with Matching Stands ~ to honor the Divine Feminine (silver), the Divine Masculine (gold) and Source Energy (white).
  • Full instructions to guide and accompany you during your ritual.

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