Moldavite ~ Besednice Variety


Spiritual Evolution ~ Awareness

This measures approximately 1 ” x .75″ x .375″

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Moldavite is not a stone to be taken lightly; it is powerful medicine and worthy of great respect. The vibration of this beautiful green gem carries within it the incredible force of its birthing. Created upon the dynamic impact of a meteorite with our Mother Earth, approximately 14.8 million years ago, this stone–which is actually a Tektite, or glass–is the result of a climactic merging of two celestial bodies.  Moldavite is ‘extraterrestrial’ and can only be found in the Moldau Valley, Czechoslovakia. 

Understandably, the vibration of Moldavite is intense. Some people find that they need to introduce and integrate it slowly. Others may find that they can not wear or carry it on their body at all…and to still others, it feels like nothing less than “home.” It is a profoundly compelling and transformative stone. We are blessed to have some lovely pieces at the shop, including this rare and delicate specimen from the Besednice fields. (Also called ‘Hedgehog’ Moldavite due to its signature sculpting.)

~  Aids in rapid spiritual growth and Heart Chakra activation. 

~ Can help those who are interested in exploring interdimensional travel.

~ Brings transformation on all levels, heightening awareness and intuition. 


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