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Nettle Leaf

Latin Name: Urtica Dioica

Known uses:

  • Protection
  • Clearing
  • Uncrossing

Burn over charcoal, add to charm bags, blends, use as an offering.

Nettle Leaf is from the harvested leaves of nettle. The harvested leaves are a favorite source of medicine and have also been used for centuries for food and fabric. The healing powers of nettle are well steeped in the folklore and traditions of various cultures. In one fairy tale, The Wild Swans, the heroine is tasked with weaving shirts of nettle leaf in order to cure her eleven brothers who have been turned into swans by their evil stepmother.

A highly protective plant, Nettle Leaf is used to protect you from toxic thoughts of yourself or others, removes curses, hexes, and helps in exorcisms. Excellent for dispelling negative energies and entities.

Can be added to foods, teas, extracts or taken in capsules. Use in candle magic, mojo bags, altars for offerings or sprinkling around the home, body or doorways for protection.

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