Pink Sapphire and Pink Tourmaline Necklace


Pink Sapphire & Pink Tourmaline Necklace measures approximately 1.625 x .5 x  .25″

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Pink Sapphire

A stone of love, compassion and forgiveness, Pink Sapphire holds the within it the power of vulnerability. It holds one’s heart gently, helping to stimulate the cathartic practice of forgiveness, acceptance, and release. It aids in sinking into those emotional waters, learning how to ebb and flow with them, building a different kind of strength – that of resiliency.

“Pink Sapphire allows one to weather the storms of life without damage.”

Pink Tourmaline

All Tourmaline is excellent for bringing balance between energies. Pink Tourmaline is a heart centered stone, so they specifically bring the emotional and heart centered energies into balance. Pink Tourmaline if focused in self love, compassion, and bringing soothing & calm to the heart. It is a primary stone for old emotional wounds, gently breaking down and healing destructive patterns and vibrations.

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