Rainbow Moonstone with Blue Kyanite Bracelet


Rainbow Moonstone with Blue Kyanite Bracelet measures approximately 8″ x .25″ x .25″

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Metaphysically, Kyanite is similar to Citrine in that it does not accumulate or retain negative energies – it is a self-healing stone, and therefore never needs to be cleansed, and can be used to clear other stones (this is true of Selenite as well). This trait carries that vibration throughout our own energy zones, as it aligns and balances the chakras, allowing for a clear flow of energy. When the chakras are balanced and open, you gain the freedom to speak freely and live unapologetically. You are tapped into the Divine, grounding that Light and wisdom down into the roots of your being.

Kyanite can aid and intensify your meditation practices, and heighten both mental and psychic abilities. This powerful stone can activate the mind centers allowing energies to flow deep within them, linking the physical, astral and causal bodies, making it an exceptional stone for lucid dreaming, and dream recall, while encouraging calm and tranquility. It can also make telepathic communication between two people clearer.

Because of the way it bridges and heals our energetic connections, Kyanite can be extremely helpful to romantic relationships in disharmonious situations. It bridges the gaps in communication between partners, connecting them on a deeper level. It also teaches the importance of loyalty and that all relationships are flawed, allowing you to appreciate and accept your partner and relationship for what it truly is.

Rainbow Moonstone connects you to life force energies and helps to balance and align the chakras. It can provide purification & emotional balance and can ease emotional trauma.

Moonstones in general, regardless of their color, are considered the gems of the High Priestess, keeper of the feminine mysteries. Their vibration is connected to that of the Goddess, and powerful, divine, female energies. Their association with the feminine comes from the ability to enhance the intuitive side of the mind. Moonstone moves one closer to the Great Mother and connects one to life force energies. When used by females, Moonstone activates the kundalini energy and promotes clairvoyance. When employed by males, it stimulates the right side of the brain and encourages nonlinear thinking and emotional balance.

Naturally, Moonstone is deeply connected with the magic of the Moon, which also plays a role in the health of Mother Earth. As the Moon waxes and wanes in cyclic perfection, it creates the tides and rhythms that influence our behaviors, emotions, and spiritual growth.  Moonstone will often connect one to the energies of the New Moon specifically and is known as a stone of great mystery. Some believe Rainbow Moonstone to grant its wearer gifts of prophecy and second sight.

~ Acts as a prism that diffuses energies throughout the aura
~ Emanates feminine vitality
~ Offers inner peace and harmony

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