Rose Quartz Orgonite Wand ~ Dreaming Goddess
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Rose Quartz Orgonite Wand

Rose Quartz Orgonite Wand


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Universal Love ~ Self-Worth

Measures approx. 6.5″ x 1″

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Only 1 left in stock


Organite is a mixture of resin and metal shavings formed into a specific shape that is usually combined with different gemstones and is then infused with that specific stone’s healing properties. Organite is mainly used to clean stagnant and negative energies which are then transformed into positive healing vibrations. This comes from the belief of Orgone energies which is the idea that invisible life force energy animates the material world, similar to that of Chi. It creates powerful healing effects and balances electromagnetic energies in our environment caused by things such as cell phones, radios, Wi-Fi etc. Though the effects vary for everyone, when meditating with Organite it is said to help deepen meditation, grant more energy, allow for a better sleep and increase resistance to illnesses. Organite can also decrease one’s sensitivity to EMFs. It is excellent for those who may suffer from mood swings or bipolar disorders as it has the ability to balance emotions.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate heart centered stone. It is known as the stone of love and is said to be the most powerful for dealing with affairs of the heart. It opens the Heart Chakra, bringing calm to the emotions and inner peace to one’s being. The best stone to aid a broken heart, it heals the wounds of the heart and reawakens trust. Meditating with Rose Quartz provides an envelope of loving energies and connects you with Divine love energy. Rose Quartz has the ability to turn the heart towards love and open the heart space allowing for a flow of love to enter your aura. It bathes the body, mind and spirit in the same healing vibrations. Rose Quartz not only teaches the importance of loving others but also the importance of loving yourself.

There are many stories throughout Greek mythology that speak of the origin of this powerful stone. One legend tells the story of Adonis the lover of Aphrodite who was killed by a wild boar after venturing into the domain of Artemis. Fearing for her lover, Aphrodite ran to be at his side. Getting caught on a briar bush, the blood of Aphrodite and Adonis joined together staining the white Quartz surrounding them to a rose pink color. Adonis then pleaded to Zeus to save his life. Zeus took pity on the lovers and decided to bring Adonis back for six months every year to be reunited with Aphrodite, thus bestowing the symbol of love renewed to Rose Quartz. Other lore says that Cupid and Eros, both being gods of love, gifted Rose Quartz to humans with the belief that it would spark love and desire within.

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