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Latin Name: Ruta Graveolens
Part of plant used: Flowers
Extraction method: Steamed distilled
Country of origin: Morocco
Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A top note with a strong aroma, it has a sharply herbaceous, distinctly fruity orange-like scent, with a characteristic bitter acrid back note (thus the term, ‘bitter rue’ and the name’s becoming a euphemism for regret). Organic.
Blends nicely with: Rue does not typically blend with other essential oils. 

Rue, this is an ornamental, shrubby herb with a strong, aromatic, bitter or acrid scent. It has tough, woody branches and small, smooth, bluish-green leaves. Its early summer flowers give way to green fruits that resemble tiny immature oranges. In cooler temperatures, this oil can solidify or have a thick consistency. We recommend placing the bottle in very hot water, changing the water frequently until it is back to the liquid state; be sure to shake well before use.

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