Selenite Moon Phase Slab


Selenite Moon Phase slab measures approximately 8″ x 1.375 x .31″

Due to the natural element of this product, please allow for slight variation and natural imperfections in the piece that you may receive.

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The Moon offers her divine wisdom and energy to us all. In its Fullness, many imbue her power to strengthen spells, to clear & charge crystals, water or sacred objects; It is the perfect time to acknowledge what has been accomplished during that month prior, and give thanks & honor any significant moments at that time of the year.

Selenite helps you communicate with spirit guides and angelic beings. It is a great stone to connect with past lives. Selenite is one of the few stones that does not ever need to be cleansed, and can be used to cleanse other stones. They are wonderful conductors of energy making them the perfect healing wand/magic wand. It is also a wonderful protection stone. Place a piece of Selenite in the corners of your home to create a peaceful, safe environment that will not be disturbed by outside influences.


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 1.5 × .4 in


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