Septarian Nodule Zuni Bear


Measures approximately 3″ x 1″ x 2.5″ 

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From mystical flashes of violet, blue, and crimson, to earthy hues of red iron, yellow ochres and intricately veined swathes of fossil grey, these bears contain the rich wisdoms of Earth, grounding one while offering their own unique traits. A serendipitous find from an estate sale of a long-ago wholesaler’s antique collection, this breathtaking variety of one-of-a-kind stone specimens, combined with mindful carving, reinvigorates the wonder and beauty that is our Earth. While we have a small selection of other carvings from this batch, the majority are the Zuni Bear. The Bear, Guardian of the West, is renowned by most as a symbol of courage, physical strength, and leadership. What Bear also brings to you however is the power to heal and transform your passions into wisdom. Connecting this concept with the innate properties of each individual stone, you may find a powerful spiritual ally and guardian. Which Bear speaks to you?

Septarian Nodules are said to instill patience, endurance, and toleration while supporting one in being present in life’s activities. It also assists one in being prepared for the twists and turns of life’s circumstances. Septarian Nodules help one recognize when they may be sharing too much personal information whether it be with a friend or on social media. This helps to preserve a level of privacy necessary in everyone’s life. It can also be extremely beneficial in keeping your privacy and maintaining your identity when in a committed relationship. When sharing your space and your life with someone it is easy to lose that sense of privacy but Septarian Nodule helps keep it in tact. The cracks within these stones are said to represent life’s journey and reminds us that life is about the journey and not the destination.

~*Please DO Feed the Bears*~
It is tradition to “feed” your Zuni Bear an offering of corn meal. Place a small amount under the nose of your Bear when you leave, and She will protect your home while you are away.

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Weight 4.00 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 2.5 in


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