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Soulmate Stones – Septarian Nodule Pairs

///Soulmate Stones – Septarian Nodule Pairs

Soulmate Stones – Septarian Nodule Pairs


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Vitality ~ Patience

Sold as a pair. 

Measures approx. 2″ x 1.5″ x 1″

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In stock


Hardness: 3.5-4
Zodiac: Taurus, Sagittarius
Planet: Earth
Element: Earth
Found: United States, England, New Zealand, Morocco and Madagascar

Soulmate Stones – Septarian Nodule Pairs are a beautifully grounding stone to share with your beloved. They can assist in traversing the twists and turns that those in committed relationships are bound to encounter, and be present for one another, and with one another. They can help you to clear away excess or negativity energies, and focus on building what is healthy and important. They allow each person to maintain their own identity, while still having balancing patience and vitality to navigate the passages of life together. Sharing halves of a whole, you will find the markings of these stones to be mirror images of each other, but with subtle variations that distinguish them – a captivating expression of soulmates, and their life path.

Septarian Nodules were formed between 50 to 70 million years ago. As a result of volcanic eruptions, dead sea life was chemically attracted to the sediment around them, forming mud balls. As the ocean receded, the balls dried and cracked. Due to their bentonite content they also shrank in size, creating the cracks inside. As decomposed shells seeped down into the cracks of the mud balls, calcite crystals formed. The outer thin walls of calcite then transformed into Aragonite. The name Septarian comes from the Latin words “septum,” meaning a separation between cavities, and “septem,” meaning seven, because the mud balls had a tendency to crack in 7 points in every direction, thereby creating the distinctive pattern these nodules exhibit. 

Septarian Nodules are considered a calcite, which are powerful amplifiers of energies. It is one of the most common minerals on the face of the Earth, comprising about 4% by weight of the Earth’s crust. Calcite is probably the premier cleanser of stored negative energies in the human system, and works on all levels from the physical to the etheric, making it a very purifying stone. It can also be used to clear negativity in the environment, such as a room that it’s in. All of the calcites are good for reducing fear and stress.

Septarian Nodules help one recognize when they may be sharing too much personal information whether it be with a friend or on social media. This helps to preserve a level of privacy necessary in everyone’s life. It can also be extremely beneficial in keeping your privacy and maintaining your identity when in a committed relationship. When sharing your space and your life with someone it is easy to lose that sense of privacy but Septarian Nodule helps keep it in tact.

~ Septarian Nodules are said to instill patience, endurance, and tolerance while supporting one in being present in life’s activities.

~ It also assists one in being prepared for the twists and turns of life’s circumstances.

~ The cracks within these stones are said to represent life’s journey and reminds us that life is about the journey and not the destination. 

Septarian Nodules harmonize with Calcites and with Selenite. Working along with Carnelian amplifies working with creative and sexual energies. Hematite can aid in further grounding if energies feel off course.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1.5 × 1 in


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