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I’ve begun to receive inquiries about how people can help.

People, while experiencing this pandemic together, fall all along the spectrum in terms of how they are affected emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially.  Many of us in the service industries, though out of work, are using what we have to continue to support each other monetarily however we can by purchasing gift cards to use in the future, purchasing groceries from small farms, leaving a little “extra” with our online transactions, etc.  We’ve heard from those who are still fully employed, and who are shifting their purchasing habits around to try and help their neighborhood shops.  Donations of all sorts are happening everywhere and it is a beautiful way to show our care and concern for one another.  Just this week, someone who lives at home, and had received a larger tax return than expected, came in and made a significant purchase because they “wanted to help.”

With this in mind, and because we are being asked, we have created this way for you to help keep the Dreaming Goddess alive, should you feel called.  Truly, every dollar, every penny helps.  Every donation we have received or will receive is graciously accepted with the same amount of thanks, the same amount of love, the same appreciation for your generosity in paying it forward.


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