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Watermelon Tourmaline in Quartz

///Watermelon Tourmaline in Quartz

Watermelon Tourmaline in Quartz


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A beautiful quartz “heart” with watermelon and black tourmaline.

Approx 2″ x 1.625″ x 0.5″

Out of stock


Watermelon and Black Tourmaline in Quartz

A beautiful quartz “heart” with watermelon and black tourmaline. Watermelon Tourmaline is a perfect representation of the heart and Heart Chakra, as the Heart Chakra can be imagine as a Lotus flower: tender, pink petals protected by deep green leaves. This particular inclusion of Watermelon Tourmaline also happens to have Black Tourmaline growing at its base where it meets the Quartz, making this a wonderful specimen of heart protection.

Quartz: Unlike most other stones, which carry certain relatively fixed properties, clear Quartz can be programmed by one’s focused intention o assist one in achieving virtually any goal in inner or outer life. Called the stone of Light, clear Quartz brings heightened spiritual awareness to whoever wears, carries or meditates with it. Clear Quartz can amplify the energy of any other stone. It brings clarity of thought and purpose to one’s mind and heart and can assist one in overcoming confusion.

Watermelon Tourmaline: works beautifully with the heart chakra, connecting with both facets of the hearts nature – the green, for rejuvenating and regenerative of the heart space, and the pink for tapping into the emotional, compassionate & unconditional loving of the heart.  It represents the balanced male/female energies – the green (yang) and the pink (yin). Together they link to the higher self and bring true joy to one’s life & relationships. It is especially good for working with the physical & spiritual components of the heart.

Black Tourmaline:  the most popular stone used for protection – clearing oneself and the environment of negative energies. It is believed that it can deflect and shield against unwanted or dark energies and is especially good for sensitive psychic people. Transmutes lower frequency thought and energy to higher frequency of light. One of the most effective grounding stones.

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Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1.625 × .5 in

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