Readings and Mediumship with Shannon

Due to physical distancing requirements, all readings are currently being conducted remotely via telephone or online conferencing. In order to schedule a reading, please select a 30min or 1hr reading from the dropdown menu below. At checkout, please indicate the best number at which to reach you, and upon receipt of your payment your reader will contact you to set up a time that works for you both.



Shannon is available for readings using her various modalities as a healer, teacher, and medium.

Shannon has been communicating with and receiving messages from the spirit world since she was a little girl and had dreams and visions that would always come true. She was so used to messages from other realms, that she was surprised upon finding out that everyone did not get the same message she did!

She seeks to create a channel and connection with her clients and their guides and angels as well as loved ones who have shifted out of their earthly form. It is her belief that everyone can connect to their higher selves if they learn to listen, do their inner work and honor the energy of the universe. She facilitates healing of the loved one who is still present on the earthly plane and those who have passed by speaking with both energies, and and honoring whatever may arise.

Clients walk away from Shannon’s readings feeling connected, inspired and empowered. Very often what they learn about loved ones who have passed encourages them to continue to look deeper to find that connection with the universe that is in them and all energetic beings.


Shannon Brandt has an amazing gift. She was able to connect with a passed love one and literally the words were exactly how this person talked in life, right down to her sense of humor. So much heaviness, darkness and sadness were lifted for me as a result. Thank you with much appreciation and gratitude for sharing your gift with me.


Shannon is amazing!!!! A few months ago she was able to tune into and share with me guidance from family members of mine who had passed away – family members she described in great detail, down to their accents and the tone of their voices, having never seen them or heard of them before. I was absolutely blown away, and it felt like I was actually speaking with them directly. She’s got a gift.


Shannon has a unique ability to help you look inside yourself for the answers you’re seeking. I came to her for help as I made a major difficult life change. She’s wise beyond her years and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I had a judgement-free safe place in her. She’s made me realize I’m stronger than I was willing to give myself credit for. I hope to continue to seek out her guidance every chance I get. What she did for me in a couple hours is more than therapy has done for me in a couple weeks. Thanks, Shannon.


Shannon is a true healer, and she brought be back from some deep, dark places. She listens, she understands, and she cares. With spiritual guidance, breathing and energy work I was able to recover from an extensive and life changing surgery, and be stronger than before. She taught me how to live in my body again. To really LIVE


Shannon Brandt

Shannon has always been involved in some kind of healing and teaching work and currently owns Shambhala Yoga Center in Beacon where she and other healers work in a variety of modalities. Shannon’s reading style is very unique in that she gets very clear and direct messages for the clients – sometimes through departed love ones, but also sometimes from guides and angels. These messages usually correspond to the client’s spiritual emotional path and healing and are very direct and specific. She is looked at by many as a “spiritual soul healer”, and has clients who come on a regular basis to work with her as they walk down their path of self-discovery.

To learn even more about Shannon and the services she provides, you can visit her website, The Raven & The Wolf.