Astrology Reading Cards


By Alison Chester-Lambert
Art by Richard Crookes

Includes 36 card deck and 96 page guidebook

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Astrology Reading Cards ~ Your Personal Guidance From the Stars

Self-help astrological advice has never been easier to attain than with this spirit guiding card deck. Featuring three sets of cards–the Zodiac Signs, the Planets and the Houses–advice seekers can select a card from each set and then use the book of guidelines to interpret the answer. There are cards for each of the zodiac signs with the characteristics of each sign, cards for the planets and their characteristics or symbolism, and cards for each of the houses in astrology with images on them that they represent. Featuring stunning artwork from a master artist, these cards take all the complexity out of astrological readings, and places the power firmly into the hands of the reader who hopes to gain insight into their future.

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