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Inner Strength ~ Inspiration

Average Size: 1.75″ x .75″ x .75″

Please note that due to the natural variations in crystal and gemstone size, color, and shape, no two are exactly alike.

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Hardness: 7
Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Geological Information
Onyx is a parallel banded variety of the oxide mineral chalcedony, a member of the quartz family.

Onyx forms from spring water or groundwater that has an abundance of calcite dissolved in it. When this water emerges at the mouth of a spring, the minerals precipitate out and build a crust of calcite crystals. Over time, more water flows by and more minerals settle out. The variations between the layers are caused by differences in the water flow rate and small amounts of impurities. In its most pure state calcite is white or clear, but it’s easily tinted by minor amounts of other minerals.

Onyx can also form inside caves or in other openings in bedrock. Veins of banded calcite can be found in fractured limestone, or even in volcanic rocks. Basically, beautiful formations of crystals can be created anywhere that mineral-laden groundwater flows.

The word onyx comes from the Greek word onux, meaning fingernail. The story is that one day frisky Cupid cut the divine fingernails of Venus with an arrowhead while she was sleeping. He left the clippings scattered on the sand and the fates turned them into stone so that no part of the heavenly body would ever perish.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties

White Onyx actually carries a similar vibration to white quartz in that it is a Crown Chakra stone. A spiritually inspirational stone, it supports dream work and an opening of one’s psychic senses. Work with White Onyx while doing any work with the moon.  Physically, white onyx is believed to help reduce head aches and any disorder related to the eyes.

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