Bracelet ~ 4mm & 5mm



Stretch bracelet with 4mm or 5mm stone beads

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Amazonite Amethyst Apatite ~ Aquamarine ~ Aventurine ~ Black Obsidian ~ Black Tourmaline ~ Blue Goldstone ~ Botswana Agate

Carnelian ~ Dendritic Agate ~ Dragon Stone ~ Dumortierite ~ Flower Agate ~ Fluorite ~ Garnet ~ Gold Tiger’s Eye ~ Golden Rutile 

Hematite ~ Howlite ~ Labradorite ~ Laguna Lace Agate ~ Lapis Lazuli ~ Lava ~ Lepidolite ~ Mahogany Obsidian ~ Mixed Tourmaline ~ Morganite

Ocean Jasper ~ Opalite ~ Pietersite ~ Prehnite & Epidote ~ Rhodochrosite ~ Rhodonite ~ Rhyolite ~ Rose Quartz ~ Ruby Zoisite 

Shungite ~ Smoky Quartz ~ Strawberry Quartz ~ Sunstone ~ Unakite ~ Yellow Jade ~ Yellow Calcite 

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Botswana Agate 4mm, Dendritic Agate 4mm, Laguna Lace Agate 4mm, Aventurine 4mm, Carnelian 4mm, Garnet 4mm, Labradorite 4mm, Lava 4mm, Lepidolite 4mm, Morganite 4mm, Mahogany Obsidian 4mm, Pietersite 4mm, Rhyolite 4mm, Ruby Zoisite 4mm, Shungite 4mm, Smoky Quartz 4mm, Gold Tiger's Eye 4mm, Unakite 4mm, Yellow Jade 4mm, Blue Goldstone 4mm, Ocean Jasper 4mm, Opalite 4mm, Mixed Tourmaline 4mm, Black Obsidian 4mm, Prehnite & Epidote 4mm, Flower Agate 4mm, Lapis Lazuli 4mm, Golden Rutile 4mm, Golden Rutile 5mm, Rhodonite 4mm, Howlite 4mm, Dragon Stone 4mm, Amethyst 4mm, Dumortierite 4mm, Sunstone 4mm, Hematite 4mm, Hematite 4mm, Fluorite 4mm, Amazonite 5mm, Black Tourmaline 4mm, Aquamarine 4mm, Apatite 4mm, Apatite 5mm, Rose Quartz 4mm, Rhodochrosite 5mm, Strawberry Quartz 4mm, Sunstone 5mm, Lapis Lazuli 5mm


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