Bracelet, 8mm ~ Angelite & Rainbow Moonstone


Angels ~ Balancing

Stretch bracelet with 8mm Angelite and Rainbow Moonstone stone beads.

Includes a .75″ angel charm.

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Angelite is the name given to blue anhydrite found in Peru. It is a calcium sulfate mineral which tends to form in nodules.

It assists in gentle, clear self-expression, making it a great stone to use during situations when emotions are elevated and communication is essential. Angelite can help one remain lucid in the dream state and remember the guidance received in dreams. Promotes communication with spirit guides, guardians and angelic realms; Good for meditation; Aids in gently connecting with higher dimensions; Soothing and calm vibration; Aids in dream-work

Moonstones in general, regardless of their color, are considered the gems of the High Priestess, keeper of the feminine mysteries. It is a talisman for the inner journey, and meditation can take one deep into the self. Also good for past life journeys.
Moonstone is a feldspar mineral. The blue-white sheen is caused by its lamellar structure.

Its vibration is connected to that of the Goddess and powerful female energies. Connects one to the energies of the new moon, the rhythms and cycles of the moon and the creative forces. Works to align all the chakras, maintaining a sense of grounding and centeredness. Powerful healers for the emotional body. Relieves anxiety and stress. Connects to life force energies. Balances & aligns the chakras. Provides purification, emotional balance & eases emotional trauma. Aids the inward journey & lucid dreaming while remaining grounded.

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