Chakra Cone Incense


Includes: 10 incense cones and ~ 1″ small ceramic tile

Burn Time: ~ 30 minutes

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Chakra Incense ~ Cones with Pranic Energy
Each chakra is a door that can be opened to greater energetic, psychic, and spiritual knowledge. Goloka’s Black Series 7 Chakras Incense is a fine and sweet fragrance made of oriental woods, flowers and fruits, which manages to awaken the Kundalini. By longing for this fragrance, it stimulates all the chakras, which is particularly good for us in the spiritual arenas of our lives.

This Chakra Incense is hand-made by Goloka, a non-profit organization in India. Goloka Seva Trust gives 100% of its profits to charitable causes like providing meals and education for under privileged children, and aiding poor students with scholarships. Thank you for participating in making their future better.

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