Charcoal Bricks


Includes: roll of 10 charcoal bricks.

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Charcoal Bricks

This fast lighting charcoal is a smokeless and odorless product originally designed for incense burning. It uses sustainable wood sources and only uses specially selected species of timber in order to give a hotter and stronger product. The tablet can be lit simply with a match and after a few seconds will generate a high heat from considerable amount of time.

Charcoal is used as the base upon which to burn resins, herbs, and incense for either ritual or aromatic purposes.  Burning on charcoal will create more abundant smoke than standard incense sticks, and for this reason, is often used outdoors or in well-ventilated areas.  Be sure to place your charcoal on a bed of sand in a fireproof/heat-resistant vessel, as a significant amount of heat will be generated by the charcoal.  Practice good fire safety and always ensure that the embers have been fully extinguished prior to their disposal.

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