Dendritic Limestone


Expansion ~ Grounding

Size: 5″ x .25″ x 3.75″

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Geological Information
Dendritic Limestone is named for the branch-like patterns which are known as Dendrites. This pattern is formed when water that is rich in Manganese oxide flows in the microscopic cracks between layers of limestone. The manganese oxide is then deposited and crystallizes as the water flows through. This branching pattern can often be mistaken for plant fossils by the untrained eye.

Dendritic Limestone specimens are also known as picture stones, as the dendritic pattern is often reminiscent of trees, rivers, or other landscape features, and can be found throughout existence from dendrites in our brains to the dendritic, branching patterns of great rivers throughout the world.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties
Dendritic Limestone, with its tree-like pattern, is considered a symbol for prosperity and expansion. It supports and stimulates growth, allowing one to absorb new skills and knowledge with a more proactive approach. Dendrites can be used as an amulet for business-oriented and creative ventures as working with the stone can increase motivation. Dendritic Limestone is also called a “stone of plentitude”.

These beautiful dendrites can support one in deepening their connection to the earth and offer deep grounding energy, especially during times of difficulty. They help to create and sustain a tranquil and soothing environment and encourage one to enjoy each passing moment.

Specimens that feature dendrites are also believed to physically support blood vessels and nerves and can bring healing benefits to those with nervous system conditions such as neuralgia, skeletal disorders and circulatory issues.

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