Earrings ~ Turquoise, Kingsman


Wholeness ~ Communication

Size: 1.25″ x .75″ x .25″

Set in Sterling Silver.

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Kingman Turquoise 

The Kingman Turquoise mine, located in Arizona, is one of the oldest and highest Turquoise producing mines in America. This stone is known for its beautiful sky blue color and produces many variations of blue Turquoise. The Kingman Turquoise mine was once part of the Mayan culture around 1000 AD when it was used for self adornments and ceremonial items. 

Turquoise is a healer of spirit and a balancer, inducing a sense of serenity and peace of mind. Said to support one in self acceptance and forgiveness. Turquoise is also said to aid in communication and self-expression, particularly in situations where emotions are difficult to express.

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