Evil Eye Keychain ~ Elephant


Size: 2″ x 4.5″ x .5″

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The Evil Eye amulet originates from Turkey, where it was believed that when people looked at each other, they could transmit their bad energy with only one look. Hanging this Evil Eye amulet can protect you from looks charged with envy, fear, resentment or other negative thought.

Elephants are auspicious animals to bring you good luck. Elephants are a symbol of strength, power, fertility, family, and wisdom.

This keychain includes a bright metal elephant with blue accents and blown glass evil eye beads, which have an outer ring of translucent, deep blue glass and opaque inner circles of white, blue, and black. Keep this symbol on your keychain to keep you and your keys safe while on the move. Alternatively, hang this symbol in the entry way to deflect negative energy in the home or place of business, or try it on your wall to keep evil away.

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