Flower of Life Altar Cloth


Flower of Life Altar Cloth measures approximately 12″ x 12″

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The perfect altar cloth for gridwork and amplifying your intentions

This black, 100% cotton Flower of Life Altar Cloth is decorated in gold with the symbol that is said to be a visual representation of the connection of all living things. The overlapping circles within the Flower of Life depict the cycle of all creation and the belief that all life comes from one singular source. It supports the spirit of oneness and the idea that we are all connected.

Crystal Grids are powerful tools for manifestation that get their power from the united energies of the crystals used, how they are positioned and the specific intention set. It is advised to use your own intuition while building a crystal grid. A stone is placed at the connected points of the Flower of life starting from the outer points and working in towards the center. The stones used on your grid should fit with the intention being infused into the grid.

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