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Size: 3.75″ x 3.5″ x 11.5″

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Fortuna is considered to be a more abstract Roman deity, but one not lacking in power. This Fortuna Statue depicts the capricious goddess in her most classic form, that of a blindfolded woman who can bring either good luck or misfortune. Fortuna was considered to be capricious because she embodied both good luck and bad, meaning that at times, she could be generous and giving, while others Fortuna was responsible for bad luck that could rob you of all you had. In this statue, she appears as a young woman, dressed in a flowing Roman robe. Her eyes are covered with a blindfold, indicating that fortune and luck are impartial. In her hands, she holds a horn-shaped cornucopia that overflows with coins, indicating her power over not only luck, but also wealth.

Artist: Maxine Miller

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