K2 Granite


Grounding ~ Intuition

Average Size:  2″ x 0.50″ x 1.5″

Please note that due to the natural variations in crystal and gemstone size, color, and shape, no two are exactly alike.

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K2 Granite

Chakra: Throat
Planet: Earth

From the Karakoram mountain range, between Pakistan and China, at the base of the second highest mountain in the world, comes K2 Granite.  Also referred to as Raindrop Azurite, or K2 Jasper, this stone is not a Jasper at all, but rather a fine-grained white granite composed of, among other minerals, quartz, muscovite, and azurite – the last of which is present along the boundaries of the mineral grain, and penetrates the feldspar grains leaving a “dyed” effect. Some K2 also has small areas that are stained green with malachite.

Discovered only within the past decade, K2 created quite a buzz in the geological community.  Since white granite and azurite rarely occur together, and because of the consistent hardness of the stone, many thought that the blue dots were from an artificial dye.  It has since been determined however that the blue spheres are in fact azurite, present as a ‘stain’ rather than a deposit.

As Azurite is a known connection to the higher realms, it is said that K2 balances Heaven (the azurite) and Earth (the granite), encouraging peace within our hearts.

K2 is powerful stone that offers both grounding, and enhanced spiritual journeying.  It supports our intuition, as well as empathy, and inspires us to seek peace and exhibit goodwill.  It encourages us toward emotional balance, and helps to align the physical with the spiritual.  An excellent gift for Indigo children.

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