Kickass Coven, The


By Amelia Wood

Hardcover, 208 Pages

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The Kickass Coven ~ How To Create A Witchy Sisterhood To Empower Yourself And Change The World

Find your people and make beautiful magic together!

With supercharged disasters and unprecedented inequity, this crazy world of ours needs more than a modern witch; it needs badass magical activist working together to make a difference. The Kickass Coven is here to help you find your magical family and create a world-hanging practice you’ll love.

Inside this book you’ll find:
~ Magical and practical ways to manifest witchy sisters who’ll bring out your best
~ Tips and tricks for becoming badass magical activists for the planet, the people you care about, and for all your favorite causes
~ All the tools and encouragement you’ll need to create a coven that works for you
~ More than 30 rituals and practices to help you get sh*t done
~ And more!

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