Little Magical Garden Gnome Charms ~ Set of 3


Individual Gnome Size: 1″ x 1″ x 2.5″

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Little Magical Garden Gnome Charms

These Little Magical Garden Gnomes are miniature beings that transcend the mundane, weaving a whimsical tale of joy, harmony, and the lively guardianship of your personal haven. Spirited companions, poised to infuse your surroundings with a dash of magic and generous helping charm. Serving not only as reminders  to cultivate your personal space but also to appreciate all of life’s enchanting moments.

Little Magical Garden Gnomes are vibrant allies, reminding you that joy often lies in the simple pleasures, especially when accompanied by the delightful company of these pocket-sized garden guardians. Gnomes are seen as Earth guardians that embodying grounding, nature connection, and hidden natural mysteries.

These charms are perfect for keeping in your pocket, nestled on a shelf with some of your favorite things or to gift as a token to a loved one.

Each charm comes with a small poem card:

Little Magical Garden Gnome

This magical little gnome
lives underground as you may know.
The special magic that he brings
is helping our trees and flowers grow.

He surfaces every now and then.
When you see him,
good luck he’ll bring,
A reminder to appreciate nature
and every living thing.

-a.s waldrop

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