Lost Spells, The


By Robert Macfarlane & Jackie Morris 

Hardcover, 240 Pages

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The Lost Spells

This is a book of spells to be spoken aloud. Here you will find conjuring’s and charms, spells that protect and spells that protest, tongue-twisters, blessings, lullabies and psalms. 

Here you might swoop with a swallow, follow a seal through the sea or sky-race with swifts. Here you can listen with owl ears and watch the eyes of an oak. Here a fox witch into your mind, or flocks of moths may lift from the page to fill the air. Let these spells ring far and wide; speak their words and seek their art, let the wild world into your eyes, your voice, and your heart. 

The Lost Spells includes a glossary to help you seek each flower and insect in these pages, speak each creature, and find each tree. 

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